The choco vanilla combo

Black forest can be perfect choice for those who want to savour both chocolate and vanilla at the same time. Like most cakes, it’s also a layered cake where chocolate sponges have frosting of vanilla flavored whipped cream and are finally topped with cherries and chocolate shavings.

The trippy cake

Did you know the original recipe of black forest demands generous amount of Kirsch ( A cherry liquor)? Yes, that’s how Germans like their black forest. The idea of the black forest cake is to feel trippy after eating it.

Best at Mr Brown

Whatever the history behind the cake, there’s no denying the fact that it tastes awesome and one of the most loved cake across the world.


We at, Mr Brown dutifully replaced the cherry liquor with cherry syrup. Everything else is pretty much the same. Baked with finest of floor and garnished with quality chocolate, our Black forest cake has been gracing the special occasions of Lucknowites for years.

Available in various shapes and sizes, these lovely cakes can be done eggless and sugarless on prior request.