All you need is chocolate cake…


Chocolate cake perhaps is the most preferred cake all over the world.  The thought of thick chocolate icing layered between soft chocolate sponge is just enough to make anybody drool any time, any day.

You might be a four-year-old fussy eater or a 75-year-old fighting craving, chocolate cake knows no age, it just puts the smile on every face.  


And the best thing about chocolate cake is ,it does not demand an occasion. When it comes to chocolate cake, you really don’t need any occasion as the chocolate cake itself means happiness from Mr Brown

We at Mr Brown have the kind of chocolate cake that will make you go weak in the knees. Soft chocolate sponge layered with chocolate ganache and finally generously sprinkled with finest chocolates. Depending on your need, they come in various shapes and sizes decorated with fruits.

What more one could ever need?

 Can be made eggless and sugar-free on request. Buy online cake from Mr Brown for quick delivery in Lucknow

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