Hello cake lovers, today we will be talking about Red velvet cakes.

Red velvet cake has gained immense popularity over the years in India after making mark in west, mainly because of its red colour which usually comes from edible red colour. The history dates back to 1800s when American bakers were experimenting with their cake recipes

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Mr Brown was one of the first bakeries in Lucknow to make Red velvet for our precious customers. Our red velvet cake has got beautiful and crumbly texture that will melt in your mouth. The white icing adds even more to the taste. This could be a perfect Birthday cake for those who want something different than the usual.

The variety we have

We, at Mr Brown have finest varieties of red velvet cakes that are as good on eyes as on taste. Different shapes and sizes are available as per your need. Our expert team of bakers works very hard on designs and come out with prettiest cakes in Lucknow. People who have tried our red velvet cakes will tell you why we are best in the business. Let’s look at the different kind of red velvet cakes at Mr Brown,suggested by lucknow best food bloger Praveen 

This is our heart shaped cake coated with red crumbles. This can be perfect birthday cake for your loved ones. Or can be the cake for the one, when you finally bent down on your knees to propose. 


Red Velvet cake

Now look at this one. This square shaped cake looks very elegant with strawberry and chocolate toppings. This is for the people who appreciate simplicity and poise. This layered cake will be perfect for anniversary.


If you have your own design in your mind, please feel free to walk in to Mr Brown Bakery. Lucknow .We have outlets in Aliganj, Hazratganj and Gomtinagar.