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Course Structure

7 Days Hobby Course ( Having 6 classes of Cakes & Pastry)

•Class 1 - Introduction to the academy and baking and pastry techniques..

•Class 2- Making pastry ( pineapple)..

•Class 3- Baking sponge and fruit cake..

•Class 4- Making cream cake..

•Class 5- Making pudding..

•Class 6- Dish of your choice and certificate award class..

Professional Course (Spread over Three Months with 36 Classes)

•Class 1- Introduction to the academy and baking and pastry techniques

•Class 2- Making pastry ( pineapple)

•Class 3- Baking sponge and fruit cake, muffin, vanilla cake

•Class 4- Making cream cake and practice

•Class 5- Making pudding and practicing one half kg cream cake

Rest of the Classes includes:

Varieties of Breads

•Bread loaf

•Focaccia bread

•Lavas bread

•French baguette

•Garlic loaf

•Bread based snacks.

•How to make Marzipane cake .

•How to make moulded chocolates.

•Plated desserts.

•Mille fuille.

•Champagne truffle cake.

•Caramalised banana with icecream.

•Cappacino pie.

•How to make puff and its patties ?

•How to Vol au vant ?

•How to make quiche ? Two types..

•How to make petite fours ? Six types..


All material for baking like butter,chocolate, cream etc. are free

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Hobby courses will start from 1-January-2017, interested candidates may come for registration.